Addiction at Greenfield Pub – May 8, 2021

Thank you to everyone that came out to Milwaukee’s Addiction at Greenfield Pub last night! It was our first time there and you guys just packed the place! We saw so many familiar faces and everyone was smilin’, drinkin’ and rockin’! Special thanks need to go to so many people! First, our birthday group of Kristan, Ryan, Bryan & Ryan! So glad to have all of you join us on stage for a round of ‘Happy Birthday’! Milwaukee radio legend Mitch, for stoking up the crowd and introducing our second set! Next, one of the local music scene’s finest, Rich Hoffman, for jumping up and singing a song with us with absolutely no notice, not that he’d need it! Of course the staff at Greenfield Pub, for keeping the food & drinks flowing all night for the packed crowd! Angelo, Pete and ALM Fusion Event Services, for doing sound and lights for a bunch of obnoxious rockers (that don’t know where not to put their drinks)! And last, but certainly not least, all of our awesome fans, friends and families that keep on rockin’ with us! Can’t wait to see y’all next time!

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