Addiction rocks Summerfest! – 6/21/24

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that joined us at the Summerfest South Party Pavilion stage last Friday! It was definitely a great show to one of our biggest crowds ever! Special thanks to TEC – The Entertainment Company and Sunny Muehleman Blashe for setting this up, the very helpful stage hands, the bartenders, the drivers that kept everyone moving, and of course, all of our fans, friends and families that support local music! Lots of crowd pics in there, i hope we caught ya!

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Addiction at the Thirsty Beaver – 6/8/24

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that joined us at Thirsty Beaver Saturday June 8th! The weather was perfect and a great crowd showed up to rock the night away with us, including a couple guys all the way from South Africa! Special thanks to Ryan for running sound & lights, the Beaver staff for keeping great drinks flowing and tasty pizza too, and all of our fans, friends and families that came out to Beaver Dam!

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Addiction rocks Paulie’s Pub! – 5/11/24

Thank you to everyone that joined Milwaukee’s Addiction at Paulie’s Pub and Eatery last Saturday night! It’s been a minute since we’ve played inside at Paulie’s and it was a great show! We saw tons of familiar faces as well as some new ones and heard some great stories from you, our fans, about your fav songs, suggestions for new tunes we might play, etc.! We love how much everyone loves to share that kind of feedback. Special thanks to Paul for having us in his fine establishment, John for running an excellent sound and light show, Brenda for spending her birthday with us, and all our fans, friends & families that spent the evening rocking with us! Next up, Addiction slides back into the Thirsty Beaver in Beaver Dam Saturday June 8th!

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Addiction at Cue Club of Wisconsin! – 4/13/24

Thank you to everyone that rocked the Cue Club of Wisconsin with us last Saturday night! Besides our normal dose of metal mayhem, we also had special guests Bill & Thomas from The Rush Tribute Project join us for a handful of songs and of course, they both totally nailed it! Special thanks go to Timm Dunn for having us, Dan Henszey, Steve & Co for providing an awesome PA and light show, our many musician friends that stop in on their night off, the CC staff for keeping the excellent food and drinks flowing, and all our fans, friends and families that support us and other local music! Next up for Addiction, we’re gonna rock the hell outa Paulies Pub & Eatery Saturday May 11th!

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Addiction and 33 RPM at Kelly’s Bleachers 2 – 2/24/24

Thank you to everyone that joined Milwaukee’s Addiction & 33rpm Saturday night for a great show at Kelly’s Bleachers II! Special thanks to Steve & Kelly’s Bleachers II for having us, Dan, Steve & Dominic for running awesome sound and lights, Lana for introducing us, 33rpm for working together as smooth as butter and also for borrowing Alyson to us to perform the Ozzy/Lita Ford song, “Close my Eyes”, (that was amazing, Alyson!) and especially those that celebrated birthdays with us last night too: Timothy, Larry, Joanna & Kimmer! Addiction is taking a few weeks off and we’ll be back in early April at Cue Club of Wisconsin with a very special guest… Stay tuned!

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Addiction at Rally Point – 2/10/24

Thank you to everyone that joined us at RallyPoint Saturday Feb 10th! This is one of the premier venues in SE Wisconsin to see a band and we had an absolute blast! Special thanks to Gabriel Sanchez and Cari Cody for joining us for several songs, Lana Stachowski for introducing us, Tammy Genthe for celebrating her birthday with us (and Carl Stessl too!) Dave Baron & Trevor Powers, for setting it all up, Dan Henszey and company for running the awesome sound and light system, and all of our fans, friends and families that came out!

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Special guest appearance at The Cue Club – Saturday Feb 3rd!

Several members of Addiction are among the more than 50 musicians playing a giant benefit show for the Guitars 4 Vets charity serving Veterans of all ages and giving them a new guitar and hobby to explore! We’re very proud to be a part of this and hope to see some Addiction fans rocking the Cue Club! It runs from 8 pm until 1:30 am with a $10 cover charge and ALL proceeds are going to Guitars 4 Vets!

Addiction at the Tipsy Turtle – 1/6/24

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that rocked with us at The Tipsy Turtle Patio and Grill Saturday night Jan 6th! What an awesome crowd! Special thanks to Tim and the staff for hosting, Zoy for setting it up, Mitch for introducing us, Eric & Scott for running a great sound and light show (really guys, we got a lot of compliments on the production!) and also to everyone that checked out our new Addiction hoodies! We have pullovers and zips available in all sizes. We’ll be working on more new material for a few weeks and then back at it in February at the new RallyPoint venue in the SteelTank Brewing Co.! Hope to see you there!

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Addiction at Da Bar – 12/16/23

Thank you to everyone that joined us at Da Bar Saturday night! It was awesome to see so many familiar faces on a busy weekend night! We really appreciate everyone that stuck around after a medical incident that one of the guests had that interrupted things for a while during our second set. Special thanks go out to Markus for hosting a great night of 80’s Rock, Mike for running a great sound and light show, birthday groups for Gary and Kym, and all of our fans, friends and families that came out! Milwaukee’s Addiction wishes all of you the Merriest Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’ll see you all in 2024!

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