Say Hello to our new singer Tim!

We’d like to wish a warm welcome to our new singer Tim! We’ve been jamming with him for a few weeks now and he’s been learning our material at an impressive clip! Looking forward to doing shows again soon! Stay tuned!


Thank You to Mo’s and all our friends!

Hi friends! Milwaukee’s Addiction had a great time last night at Mo’s Irish Pub Wauwatosa. We had a great crowd, many already primed up well from the Badger’s win. Go Bucky! A giant “Thank You” goes out to John, Tracy and all of the super staff at Mo’s, Ken from TEC, and all our friends and family that made it out for a rockin’ evening! Don & Betsy, Ken, Colleen and the girls, Donna, Jason, Kris, Dean, Tim, Kenny, Brian; and all my co-workers and their “better halves”: Karen, Krista, Kevin (REVERB!), Vickie, Melody, Marisol, Mark, Jose, Craig, Grant.
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! Hope to see you again soon!

Addiction is at Mo’s Irish Pub this Saturday 3/28!

Hey metal heads! Come on down and join us for an evening of excessive behavior this Saturday at Mo’s Irish Pub – Hwy 100 & Bluemound! This will be our current singer’s last show and we’re still hosting auditions to replace him. If you’re interested, and you haven’t already contacted us, please stop by and say hi!


Happy New Year Metalheads!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great New Year! Addiction is working on setting up some new shows for 2015 as we speak, including a show with our friend Eddie and 3rd Wish. Meanwhile, the global warming thing has temps around -25 below with the wind chill. Is it just me, OR IS THAT TOO DAMN COLD? WTF? lol…

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Happy Thanksgiving !

Milwaukee’s Addiction had a great time last night at The Whammy Bar with Sliver and MUSCLE OF LOVE ! What a kick ass night of Metal Mayhem! A huge THANK YOU goes out to Pete & Kelly at the bar, and all our friends and fans that came out and rocked Turkey Eve with us: Donna, Colleen, Annie, Karen, Krista, Vickie & Shelly, Ellen & Ed, Kim, André, Neddi, Ken, Laurie & Chris, Kris & Kelly and everyone else that made this a night to remember! HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY!

Join Addiction for a pre-Thanksgiving party!

Hey all you hair band lovin’ metal brains!  Addiction! is back to rock your ASS off Wednesday Nov 26 – the day before Thanksgiving!  We’re playing the center slot of a 3 band Metal Assault at The Whammy Bar – I think we’ll be starting around 10:30 or 11, but get there early! The other bands are sure to bring a crowd too and I’ll be surprised if the place isn’t filled to capacity for at least some part of the evening. The other bands playing are Sliver & Muscle of Love and both bands are gonna BRING IT! Join us for what’s sure to be an unforgettable night of Metal Mayhem!


Recording at the Fox 6 Studios

Milwaukee’s Addiction had a blast recording at the Fox 6 studios today! A big Thank You goes to our friend Chuck, who’s a very cool A/V director at Fox 6 and set this whole thing up for us. We got a couple hours worth of audio & video recorded on some of the most impressive equipment I’ve ever seen. Now imagine tuning in to the Fox 6 Wake Up News and seeing this:


The finger

Well, our new singer Mark has been making great progress with all of our material and brings a great attitude and work ethic to boot! So glad to have him aboard!

However, things have slowed just a bit due to a small injury to my left index finger:


It’s not as bad as it looks, but it’s hard to play guitar 100% until it grows back.

In the mean time, we’ve been picking some new material to keep things fresh. Judas Priest, Vandenberg, Queensryche & Sammy Hagar are just some of the best 1980’s bands we’re adding to our sets!

Stay tuned and we’ll see you soon!