Upcoming shows

Hey everyone. Hope you are enjoying our beautiful Wisconsin January so far……We have had a couple of shows pop us so we thought we would remind everyone where you can check out Milwaukee’s Addiction. On January 29th, we will be part of the Cindee May celebration of life benefit at The Metal Grill. Addiction will be going on somewhere around 6 pm but there are great bands and activities all day so you should make plans to make it an all day event. On February 4th Addiction returns to the big stage at Bubs Irish Pub in Germantown. March 4th brings us back to “The Grill” for a full night of hair metal mayhem. April Fools Day you will find us at Paulie’s Pub in Stallis……really, we will be there. On April 8th, Addiction heads back to the Southwestern corner of Waukesha County for a gig at Knuckleheads. We are doing our part to slowly change that rural area into a headbanging haven. Lastly, we just got word today that we have been booked at Route 20 in Sturtevant on May 20th. This will be our first show down there so we are pretty dang excited. Addiction has already received some preliminary word on State Fair and some bike gigs this Summer. When everything is in concrete, you will be the first to know. Thank you again for your support and we hope to see you out at some of these great venues this Winter/Spring.


New Year’s Eve at Lucky Chance!

Happy New Year everyone! Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank Lucky Chance and the amazing crowd that joined us for New Year’s Eve! Wow, what a night! We started earlier and played later than a lot of other acts, just because we care! Seriously though, our fans & friends & families that rocked with us are the best support that any band could ever ask for! It looked like everyone was having a blast and that’s so contagious! Lovely ladies packed the dance floor all night long and some wobbly dudes too! We love it! Later in the evening, a couple friends joined us on stage for a few songs and I think everyone had a tear in their eye, as we all thought of Cindee May and her beautiful spirit watching over us. Special thanks go to Kelly for asking us to be part of another wild night and also for prepping a zillion jello shots, with proceeds going to Cindee’s family. Also, a big thank you to Thomas for helping with some stage monitor issues and also to Ryan the sound guy for working through some PA issues and running a kick ass light show at the same time. 2016, you are outa here! Let’s all make 2017 the best it can be, for you and your loved ones! We’ll see you at The Metal Grill for a special Sunday performance on Jan 29th at the Cindee May benefit show!

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Join Addiction at Lucky Chance for New Year’s Eve!

If you want to bring in the new year with screamin’ guitars, thundering drums and wailing vocals…the only place to be that night is Lucky Chance with Addiction. We will be debuting two new songs…again….including a ripper from Dokken and Addictions first fray into Van Hagar. It will probably be cold outside, but it will be smoking hot inside! Make your plans now to be at the beautifully remodeled Lucky Chance with Addiction!


Another great night at Paulie’s Pub!

I don’t know if everyone was still riding some kind of “turkey high”, but whoa, people were ready to rock last night! The Badger’s win probably didn’t hurt either. What a fun weekend! Gotta thank Paul Budiac and his always gracious staff, TEC – The Entertainment Company for taking care of the business side, Mark and Shane for doing sound and lights, and all our fans, friends and families that continue to support us, no matter when or where! We know there’s a lot of good acts around town these days. Most of them are our friends too! 🙂 So we truly thank every one of you for rockin’ with us when you need a dose of all your favorite 80’s rock!

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Addiction digs the Dugout 54!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank Dugout 54 for having us last night. People! If you haven’t been to The Dugout yet, check it out! It’s a great place to see your favorite bands and they’ve got plenty of tasty food too! And for my musician friends, they’ve got a great house PA system and crew too! Anyway, we had a fun time at our “private party” evening with Addiction, lol. Thanks also to TEC – The Entertainment Company, Dominic and Joe for doing an excellent job on sound and lights, and our fans, friends and families that rocked with us all night long!

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A Spooktacular success at Jack Rabbit Slim’s!

Now THAT was a Halloween bash! Milwaukee’s Addiction has the best fans and friends! You guys made last night a great party! All your costumes were just incredible! So many familiar faces, and a lot of new ones too! The band had a kick ass time last night and the crowd was just so energized, you guys were great! Special thanks go to Jack Rabbit Slims Rock / Country Bar & Grill for hosting, TEC – The Entertainment Company for setting up the evening, ALM Fusion Event Services for making us sound and look good, Eddie and Cherie for singing a few songs with us, all the lovely ladies that joined us onstage for Girls, Girls, Girls and everyone that dressed up in costume. Your outfits were great! Hope to see ya again soon!

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More fun times at Finn’s!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that came out to Finn McGuire’s Irish Pub & Grill last Saturday! We had a great time as did one of our favorite friends Tracy Johnson who celebrated her birthday with us! Cherie walked in right on cue as we played the song “Hot Cherie” and also joined us on stage once again for our fan favorite “Rock You Like a Hurricane”. Aces High front man Andrew also sang “2 Minutes to Midnight” with us and just nailed it! Special thanks also go to Finn’s & TEC – The Entertainment Company for arranging the evening and Angelo & Pete with ALM Fusion Event Services for making us sound and look good! See ya at our Halloween bash October 29th at Jack Rabbit Slims!

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