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ADDICTION is five musicians that came together because of their love & passion for 80’s Rock!

The 1980’s were an amazing time in Rock music when lead vocalists were known for their exceptional range & vocal power and great harmonies were mandatory. Phenomenal lead guitar solos, by players like Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, George Lynch & Slash, set the bar high!  Rhythm sections were driven by double bass & adrenaline.  Over 60% of rock radio play, concert venues & festivals still support this lasting genre of music.  From new, young listeners to the faithful Metal Heads there is always a demand for high energy rock n roll.  ADDICTION plays these songs as true to original form as possible with the same energy level & excitement as when the songs were released.


  • Tim Denman – Lead & Backup vocals, Keyboards – Tim has been singing and playing in bands for twenty years. A lot of that time was spent with the rock/pop party band, LAYMANN’S TERMS. He also spent more than 4 years with the band ULTIMATUM which meant a return to his love for all things hard rock/metal. While taking a small break last year, Tim covered lead vocals on some shows for the local classic rock band 33 RPM. Now, it has come full circle. He is back with band-mates who share his love for huge guitars, big harmonies and screaming solos.

  • Ken Gore – Bass Guitar, Lead & Backup vocals – Ken has played in numerous bands from Milwaukee that played everywhere from Summerfest through the Midwest & has played before many national acts.  Some of the bands he was a part of were EXCITER, DAMIEN, CENTERFOLD, BARON PARIS, TRACER BULLET & METAL MEN.  Ken’s happy to be back entertaining & playing the music he loves again.

  • Greg Pritz – Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals – Greg is originally from Chicago where he played in many popular bands.  He played lead guitar in the Chicago burbs band SECONDHAND SMOKE for 5 years.  In 2008, he was nominated for “best lead guitar player” in the suburbs.

  • Andy Stanke – Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals – Andy started out playing in a high school band called AIR RAID.  He then hit the clubs playing in LABRYNTH for several years.  When that band dismembered, he joined Ken in CENTERFOLD which eventually became TRACER BULLET.  Andy has many fond (foggy?) memories of playing at TA Verns, Starz, the Jab and so many other local watering holes and feels blessed to have the opportunity to continue sharing his passion for guitar with the masses!

  • Chris Cauwels– Drums & Backup vocals – Joining Addiction in early 2021, Chris is the newest member on our roster and brings a wealth of previous experience with Boomer Nation and other acts, along with his own entourage to every show! We’re very stoked to have him in the band!