Slay Bells ring! Are you listening?

Thanks to everyone that came out to Rock Country MKE Saturday Dec 14th for our 2nd annual Slay Bells holiday metal fest with Milwaukee’s Addiction and our Thrasher buds! Once again, we brought out our heavy stuff to start the night and then Thrasher cranked up the metal mayhem from there! Earlier this year, I asked my bros in Addiction what they thought about adding Dream Theater’s signature song ‘Pull Me Under’. The looks I got were priceless! Everyone knew that learning and performing that tune faithfully would be a real ball buster, but that hasn’t ever stopped us before! (See Angel Eyes, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Take Hold, etc.) Anyway, everyone worked it out and we debuted it last night and have to say it went over really well! A big thank you to my brothers in the band! It’s a real privilege to jam with you guys! Special thanks also to Zoy for setting it up, the awesome guys in Thrasher, Matthew for providing a killer sound and light show that makes all the difference, and all of our fans, friends and families that continue to support us, and other local music! You guys all rock! Hope to see you New Year’s Eve at 5 Corners Roadhouse 1880!

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