6 birthdays in one night at Paulie’s!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank all of our birthday guests that celebrated with us 11/17 at the awesome Paulie’s Pub and Eatery! I lost track, but I think there were at least 6 birthday celebrations going on! We’re honored and humbled that everyone there chose to spend their evening with us. Besides StevenMaribeth and Cherie… KellyPaula and Tommy were also celebrating birthdays! I think there may have even been another one or two too. It was nuts! Ya know, I just did the math and realized all these birthday boys n girls could’ve been conceived on Valentine’s Day! Coincidence? You tell me, lol! Anyways, it’s always a pleasure to perform for so many of our amazing friends! Paulie’s always has a great crowd and last night was no different! Rock on, my friends!

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