Jamming with Insane Octane at Rosco’s!

I’d like to thank Insane-Octane-Rocks for the opportunity to jam with them at Rosco’s Jan 13th! With just a few rehearsals under our belt, we put together a pretty killer set of your favorite 80’s and newer rock. These guys have been great friends and are a ton of fun to jam with. As many of you know, I’m filling in for one more show on Friday Feb 2 (at Paulie’s). Hardcase also put on a good opening show, getting the crowd lubed up for our slippery set, lol. Special thanks to my Milwaukee’s Addiction fans and friends for showing up and supporting the show too. As always, it’s humbling to see so much support from the all rockin’ regulars that keep all the local bands in their sights! Rock on, my friends!