New Year’s Eve at Lucky Chance!

Happy New Year everyone! Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank Lucky Chance and the amazing crowd that joined us for New Year’s Eve! Wow, what a night! We started earlier and played later than a lot of other acts, just because we care! Seriously though, our fans & friends & families that rocked with us are the best support that any band could ever ask for! It looked like everyone was having a blast and that’s so contagious! Lovely ladies packed the dance floor all night long and some wobbly dudes too! We love it! Later in the evening, a couple friends joined us on stage for a few songs and I think everyone had a tear in their eye, as we all thought of Cindee May and her beautiful spirit watching over us. Special thanks go to Kelly for asking us to be part of another wild night and also for prepping a zillion jello shots, with proceeds going to Cindee’s family. Also, a big thank you to Thomas for helping with some stage monitor issues and also to Ryan the sound guy for working through some PA issues and running a kick ass light show at the same time. 2016, you are outa here! Let’s all make 2017 the best it can be, for you and your loved ones! We’ll see you at The Metal Grill for a special Sunday performance on Jan 29th at the Cindee May benefit show!

More pics here!