Addiction invades Knucklehead’s Pub

Addiction had a rockin hot night at Knuckleheads last Saturday night! We were a little worried when we were loading in and the Country music was blasting over the speakers but the crowd really responded well to our particular type of music. We debuted two new songs last night, Cryin in the Rain by Whitesnake and Two minutes to Midnight by Iron Maiden. Both went over really well and will be mainstays in our set for awhile. We want to thank our regular fans who made the trek last night and all of our new fans that we hopefully picked up last night. We also want to thank the staff of Knuckleheads for welcoming us into their establishment, TEC for booking the show and Angelo and Pete from ALM for the most excellent sound and light show. Hoping to make a return trip to Eagle in the near future!

More pics here!