Addiction and 33 RPM at Kelly’s Bleachers 2 – 2/24/24

Thank you to everyone that joined Milwaukee’s Addiction & 33rpm Saturday night for a great show at Kelly’s Bleachers II! Special thanks to Steve & Kelly’s Bleachers II for having us, Dan, Steve & Dominic for running awesome sound and lights, Lana for introducing us, 33rpm for working together as smooth as butter and also for borrowing Alyson to us to perform the Ozzy/Lita Ford song, “Close my Eyes”, (that was amazing, Alyson!) and especially those that celebrated birthdays with us last night too: Timothy, Larry, Joanna & Kimmer! Addiction is taking a few weeks off and we’ll be back in early April at Cue Club of Wisconsin with a very special guest… Stay tuned!

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