Addiction rocks Kelly’s Bleachers Wind Lake!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that came out to Kelly’s Bleachers II last night for our double billing with Category X! We pounded through a killer 90 minute set, including another new song we just added. We change up our sets every show and add new stuff all the time! We love to keep you guessing! Our brothers in CategoryX were a pleasure to hang with and put on a smokin’ performance as well. Eddie sang a song with us and Tim sang one with them, great camaraderie all around! And, after ripping through our set, we actually had plenty of time to catch up with all of our amazing fans & friends that made it out there. These double billing shows are pretty damn fun! Special thanks to KB2 for hosting, CatX for making a quick and smooth transition between bands, Joe & Rachel for doing our sound and light show like real pros, and all of our fans, friends and families that continue to support us and other local bands! You guys all rock!

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Rockin’ Bub’s Irish Pub during a snowstorm!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank the great crowd at Bubs Irish Pub Feb 3rd! A little snow didn’t seem to bother them at all, lol. Bub’s was also hosting an 80’s class reunion for James Madison HS and a lot of them totally got into the 80’s Rock that we served up! What great timing! Thanks again to Bub’s, TEC – The Entertainment CompanyThe Cheap Shots and all of our amazing families, friends and fans for making a snow filled night hot inside!

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Jamming with Insane Octane at Paulie’s Pub!

Thank You! To Insane-Octane-Rocks and everyone that came out to Paulie’s on Feb 2nd for Jen’s birthday! It’s been great filling in for a couple shows with these guys, and if there were more than 24 hours in a day, I very well could’ve worked with them longer term. But my main band, Milwaukee’s Addiction with a 70+ song catalog is enough to keep this guy busy. I’m very glad I.O. found another guitarist to keep on rocking! I sincerely wish these guys, BrettAndrewTimTom and Bill, all the best! \m/


Jamming with Insane Octane at Rosco’s!

I’d like to thank Insane-Octane-Rocks for the opportunity to jam with them at Rosco’s Jan 13th! With just a few rehearsals under our belt, we put together a pretty killer set of your favorite 80’s and newer rock. These guys have been great friends and are a ton of fun to jam with. As many of you know, I’m filling in for one more show on Friday Feb 2 (at Paulie’s). Hardcase also put on a good opening show, getting the crowd lubed up for our slippery set, lol. Special thanks to my Milwaukee’s Addiction fans and friends for showing up and supporting the show too. As always, it’s humbling to see so much support from the all rockin’ regulars that keep all the local bands in their sights! Rock on, my friends!



Another packed party at Paulie’s!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank all of our amazing fans, friends and families that came out to Paulie’s Pub and Eatery last night for our first show of 2018! Addiction always has a blast at Paulie’s and last night was no different. Even though some technical gremlins tried to disrupt the show, we pounded through and you guys kept the dance floor shakin’ all night long! We debuted a couple more new songs to your boisterous approval. We really do listen to your song suggestions and it’s good to know we’re pickin’ the right stuff! In a nod to days gone by, we welcomed several fans on stage to dance away during the Lynch Mob fave, ‘Wicked Sensation’. Thank you to all the ladies for behaving on stage too 😉 Our Scorpion’s specialist Cherie also joined us on stage to belt out Rock You Like A Hurricane and Big City Nights, giving Tim a welcome break. For those that didn’t know, 4 of the 5 guys in the band were battling the flu last night and sick or not, it’s always a privilege to play for so many people that really enjoy what we do. Once again, it’s our ever-supportive fans, friends and families that make our shows a hoot! We just make the music for you to party to and you guys always take it to the next level! Rock on!

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Twice the fun!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that came out for one, or both, of our shows last night. We started the evening at Club Garibaldi’s kicking off the Toys for Tots show. With 3 much heavier bands following our set, our crowd looked like they were ready for a Slayer tribute, not an 80’s rock band, lol. But they got into our set and we made several new friends and fans. They have a great stage there and the talent to run a kick ass sound mix too. Special thanks to Randy for including Addiction in this very worthwhile cause! The next leg of our evening took us to Kelly’s Bleachers Big Bend – KBBB for a full night of 80’s rock n metal. Plenty of music and dancing, and man, their burgers are excellent too! We played some of our newer material and saw some ‘interesting’ responses in the crowd. We love to see your reactions, good, bad or otherwise (Kevin)! At least you know you’ll never see the same show twice! Our good friend Eddie also joined us for Motley Crue’s SOS and owned it, that’s just how he rolls. Special thanks to Tina & Larry for following us from Bay View to Big Bend and catching both shows! You guys rock! And also thank you to Kelly’s Bleachers 3 for hosting and TEC – The Entertainment Company for setting it up. We’re taking off the whole month of December so we can jet around the world for the Holidays (yea, right) but we’ll be back on Saturday Jan 6th at Paulie’s Pub and Eatery for our first show of 2018! Rock on, my friends!

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Deer hunters widow weekend at Knucklehead Pub!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that rocked with us at Knucklehead Pub last night! First of all though, we have to apologize for the painfully long sound check and continuous feedback issues throughout the evening. Our usual sound & light crew had a family emergency and the last minute replacement crew that arrived in their place was, well, not ready for prime time, to say the least. By the second set, one of our friends in the crowd ended up taking control of the mixing console and managed to set up a decent mix, on the fly. Special thanks to him and the great local crowd that stuck with us and also those that made the trip to Eagle to see us, we really appreciate your support! We promise our next show won’t be plagued with the nonsense that detracted last night. Sometimes rock n roll goes a little off the road, ya know! Hope to see ya at one of our 2 shows next Sat Nov 25. First, we’re kicking off the Toys for Tots show at 5 pm at Club Garibaldi’s and then we’re off to Kelly’s Bleachers Big Bend – KBBB for a full Saturday night of 80’s rock and metal mayhem! \m/