Twice the fun!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that came out for one, or both, of our shows last night. We started the evening at Club Garibaldi’s kicking off the Toys for Tots show. With 3 much heavier bands following our set, our crowd looked like they were ready for a Slayer tribute, not an 80’s rock band, lol. But they got into our set and we made several new friends and fans. They have a great stage there and the talent to run a kick ass sound mix too. Special thanks to Randy for including Addiction in this very worthwhile cause! The next leg of our evening took us to Kelly’s Bleachers Big Bend – KBBB for a full night of 80’s rock n metal. Plenty of music and dancing, and man, their burgers are excellent too! We played some of our newer material and saw some ‘interesting’ responses in the crowd. We love to see your reactions, good, bad or otherwise (Kevin)! At least you know you’ll never see the same show twice! Our good friend Eddie also joined us for Motley Crue’s SOS and owned it, that’s just how he rolls. Special thanks to Tina & Larry for following us from Bay View to Big Bend and catching both shows! You guys rock! And also thank you to Kelly’s Bleachers 3 for hosting and TEC – The Entertainment Company for setting it up. We’re taking off the whole month of December so we can jet around the world for the Holidays (yea, right) but we’ll be back on Saturday Jan 6th at Paulie’s Pub and Eatery for our first show of 2018! Rock on, my friends!

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Deer hunters widow weekend at Knucklehead Pub!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that rocked with us at Knucklehead Pub last night! First of all though, we have to apologize for the painfully long sound check and continuous feedback issues throughout the evening. Our usual sound & light crew had a family emergency and the last minute replacement crew that arrived in their place was, well, not ready for prime time, to say the least. By the second set, one of our friends in the crowd ended up taking control of the mixing console and managed to set up a decent mix, on the fly. Special thanks to him and the great local crowd that stuck with us and also those that made the trip to Eagle to see us, we really appreciate your support! We promise our next show won’t be plagued with the nonsense that detracted last night. Sometimes rock n roll goes a little off the road, ya know! Hope to see ya at one of our 2 shows next Sat Nov 25. First, we’re kicking off the Toys for Tots show at 5 pm at Club Garibaldi’s and then we’re off to Kelly’s Bleachers Big Bend – KBBB for a full Saturday night of 80’s rock and metal mayhem! \m/


Party at Paulie’s Pub (x4)!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that came out to Paulie’s Pub and Eatery last night for our multiple birthday bonanza! No less than 4 of our rockin’ friends celebrated their b-days and whoa, there was some good times flowing, if you know what I mean! Birthday girls MaribethKelly & Paula danced their tails off all night long and birthday boy Steven joined us on stage to sing one of his faves, ‘Let if Go’ from Def Leppard, and he rocked it! Eddie of Motley Brue also joined us to belt out our Motley Crue favorite, SOS and nailed it, as usual! We saw many familiar faces and also new ones too, some all the way from Green Bay! Special thanks go out to all of our fans, friends and families that come out and support us, and other local music too! We’d also like to thank Paul for allowing us to once again, invade his fine establishment and kind of blow the doors off. We appreciate the hospitality. 😉 Also, thanks to Angelo and Jon and ALM Fusion for doing sound & lights like only they can. That was one hell of night! Hope you can join us this Sat. (11/18) at Knucklehead Pub or next Sat. (11/25) at Kelly’s Bleachers Big Bend – KBBB.

Happy Birthday to our friends: Steven, Maribeth, Paula & Kelly!

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