Addiction packs Paulie’s Pub for another night of Hair Band Mayhem!

Milwaukee’s Addiction played to a packed Paulie’s Pub and Eatery last night! We saw tons of friends there and we REALLY appreciate all your support! Paulie’s was just bustling from load-in till load-out and the crowd was just unstoppable! The band enjoyed some of Paulie’s excellent pizza after soundcheck and schmoozed with the super crowd before kicking off set #1 with Judas Priest favorites The Hellion & Electric Eye. Yea, THAT will wake you up! All the ladies deserve a big shout out for dancing like crazy all night long! Special mention also goes out to Cherie for singing our Scorpions favorites, and Tiffany and Cindee for helping out on Girls, Girls, Girls. We’ve got a few weeks off, but we’ll be back Friday, March 18 at Mo’s Irish Pub Wauwatosa to rock yer socks off! \m/

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Finn’s finds frozen fans flocking to Addiction!

Milwaukee’s Addiction had another great show at Finn McGuire’s Irish Pub & Grill last night! Proving that sub-zero temps can’t deter our fans, we Rocked and we Rolled and you Danced and you Strolled. Down memory lane that is, with a serious 80’s Hair Band history lesson. ‘Twas Valentine’s Eve and Love was in the air, or was it the fog machine? Eh, either way, we had a blast, and by all accounts, the crowd had a damn good time too. Ain’t that how it’s supposed to work?

We’d like to thank special guest Eddie Martinez, singer from Category X and Motley Brue, for singing “Wild Side” with us and just killing it! A big “Thank You” also goes to Finn’s, TEC – The Entertainment Company, Tiffany, Cindee May & Taylor for singing on stage at random moments, all the lovely ladies that kept the dance floor boppin’, and all of our fans, friends and families that rock with us!

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Addiction sizzles at the The Metal Grill!

Milwaukee’s Addiction had a great time at The Metal Grill last night! We had an incredible crowd with our favorite fan Cindee May‘s birthday party friends joining us for a night none of us will forget! Neil and Tina and the whole staff at The Metal Grill were a pleasure to work with, and eat with too – their Metal Monster burger is sinfully good! A special shout out goes to the “long haul” award winner for last night, Mary all the way from Athens, Greece! A big “Thank You” also goes to The Metal Grill, TEC – The Entertainment Company, Cindee and all her birthday friends, special guest drummer KenK for a Poison favorite, all the ladies that joined us on stage for “Girls Girls Girls”, and all of our fans, friends and families that rock with us! We are so lucky to have such strong support! We definitely give 1000% when we’re on stage to give you the best show possible! We’ll see you at Finn McGuire’s Irish Pub & Grill on 2/13!