Addiction rocks The Saloon on Calhoun!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that came out to The Saloon on Calhoun Jan 5th! That was an amazing crowd and a kick ass way to start 2019! We saw so many of our friends there, many from other bands too. We all know there’s a lot of choices around town, so we’re always thankful for all your support! Special thanks to Dave and The Saloon on Calhoun for having us, Dan and Glenn for running sound and lights for us like complete pros, our special guest Cherie for nailing the Ozzy & Lita duet once again, special guest Wally for joining us for ‘Shapes of Things’ and of course, all of our fans, friends and families that continue to come out and support Addiction and other local bands! Happy 2019, my friends! Hope to see ya at Paulie’s Jan 26!

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Addiction and Thrasher at Rock Country!

Last night at Rock Country MKE with Milwaukee’s Addiction & Thrasher was awesome! That was a perfect double bill, and both bands just tore it up! Addiction got things going with a set of our favorite and heaviest songs and the crowd ate it up right from the word go! Our good friend Wally joined us on bass guitar for the Gary Moore version of ‘Shapes of Things’ and he fit in like a glove freeing up Ken to sing lead vocals without any distraction and man, they both nailed it! After our set, Thrasher pegged the metal meter and kept the place rockin’ till close! It is truly a privilege to share the stage with musicians of the caliber on display last night! I’ve been doing this a long time and gigs like that don’t come along every day. The planets, stars and guitars aligned last night and we were all treated to a night to remember! Special thanks to Zoy and Rock Country for setting it all up, also a big thank you to Matthew for running one of the best sound and light shows around! The PA mix sounded phenomenal! And of course, thank you to all our fans, friends and families that continue to support us and other local musicians! We do it for you, and we couldn’t do it without you! Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas while Addiction takes some time off for scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. We hope to see ya Saturday Jan 5th at The Saloon on Calhoun to kick off the US leg of our 2019 World Tour!  Rock on, my friends!

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6 birthdays in one night at Paulie’s!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank all of our birthday guests that celebrated with us 11/17 at the awesome Paulie’s Pub and Eatery! I lost track, but I think there were at least 6 birthday celebrations going on! We’re honored and humbled that everyone there chose to spend their evening with us. Besides StevenMaribeth and Cherie… KellyPaula and Tommy were also celebrating birthdays! I think there may have even been another one or two too. It was nuts! Ya know, I just did the math and realized all these birthday boys n girls could’ve been conceived on Valentine’s Day! Coincidence? You tell me, lol! Anyways, it’s always a pleasure to perform for so many of our amazing friends! Paulie’s always has a great crowd and last night was no different! Rock on, my friends!

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Addiction rocks Kelly’s 3 in Big Bend!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank all of our friends and fans that stuck with us at Kelly’s Bleachers Big Bend – KBBB after the Brewers game Saturday October 20th! Despite a final score that nobody wanted to see, the Brewers still had a great season and will be in the hunt next year again, I’m sure! Back at Kelly’s, we celebrated Tracy Johnson‘s birthday and brought out 2 more new songs too! Having a song library that’s approaching nearly 100 songs has its challenges, but my brothers and I really enjoy working on, and bringing to you, all the 80’s Rock that we remember so fondly! Due to the band starting after the game, I had a chance to to catch up with some of our hardest working fans last night too (Timothy David)! Our own ‘touring’ schedule actually allows for all of us to work full time jobs too! So we definitely know how it feels after a long work week, but the weekends are still for rock n roll, right?! Special thanks to Tracy and Bryan for partying with us on her special day! Tracy and her crew have been long time friends of the band and we love to have them join us on stage for some dancing now and again! Thanks again for all your support! Thanks also to TEC – The Entertainment CompanyAngelo and Kelly’s for hosting another great night of 80’s Rock! Next up, Paulie’s Pub on November 17 for another birthday party bash! Hope to see ya there!

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Addiction returns to Mo’s Irish Pub in ‘Tosa!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that came out to Mo’s Irish Pub Wauwatosa last night! It’s always humbling to see so many familiar faces! You guys ALL rock! Special thanks to Mo’s for having us back, ALM Fusion Event Services and Angelo for doing sound and lights, and all of our fans, friends and families that continue to support us, and other local bands! Next up, multiple birthdays at Kelly’s 3 on Oct 20!

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Addiction rocks the Hog Rally 2018 at Wisconsin Harley!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank Wisconsin Harley-Davidson for including us in their amazing Harley Rally 2018! They really throw a party second to none! There were tons of amazing bikes and friends there and the weather totally cooperated following a stormy forecast all week! Special thanks go to Dianne Crowley for organizing about ten million moving parts into a Hog Rally the whole Harley Davidson family is proud to call home! We absolutely love being part of this event and it’s always a blast there! Thanks also to our fans, friends and families that joined us once again for a beautiful night of 80’s rock surrounded by American metal for as far as the eye could see! Rock on, my friends!

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Addiction opens the Ozaukee County Fair!

Fun times at the Ozaukee County Fair! Thanks to everyone that came out for our inaugural show at the fair! Milwaukee’s Addiction had a great time with our fans, friends and families and everyone else that moseyed on by. A big thank you to Brett Ketter for filling in on drums and doing an incredible job! Special thanks also go to Elliott Hill and Neil for setting this show up! Other than a brief rain shower between sets, it was an excellent afternoon! Next up, Harley Rally Weekend at Wisconsin Harley. Stay tuned!

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Addiction rocks the 13th Annual Burn Camp riders!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that rode in the Burn Camp rides and rocked with us Saturday at Wisconsin Harley-Davidson! We’re proud to work with this group and look forward to working with them again! As the rides finished at Wisconsin Harley, we were there to keep their afternoon rocking! Special thanks to Dianne Crowley and Wisconsin Harley for putting this together, all the riders and all of our fans, friends and families that support us and other local music! Next up, the Ozaukee County Fair on Wednesday August 1st. Hope to see ya there!

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Summerfest 2018 at The Briggs and Stratton Big Backyard Stage!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that came out for our Summerfest 2018 show on the 4th of July at the Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard stage! It was great to see so many of our fans, friends and families there. We had an amazing day and it sure looked like the crowd did too! The rain stayed away for our show, but I feel bad for the acts that played later, when the downpours started. Wow! That was some crazy heavy rain! Special thanks go to TEC – The Entertainment Company and Rick Erickson, for setting this all up. The Briggs stage runs like well oiled machine and it was our pleasure to rock the 4th with them!

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Birthdays at Lucky Chance!

Wow! what a great night! Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank everyone that came out to Lucky Chance on June 2nd to rock out and celebrate a couple birthdays with us! What an amazing crowd! Great to see so many of our friends and new faces too! We’ve been adding a lot of new material lately, songs like ‘Screaming in the night’ from Krokus and ‘When you close your eyes’ from Night Ranger and many more. Based on your response to these, and others, it would seem we’re picking songs that hit the nail on the head! I have to share how humbling it is to open a song like ‘Screaming’ and have the crowd react like it did. It literally gave me goosebumps as I played through the slow, reverb laden intro and then seeing everybody there sing along to the chorus too! Wow, just incredible! Special thanks to Lucky Chance and Kelly for hosting, Lynn for all of her efforts to make this happen, Scotti Bill for rocking their birthdays with us, Angelo and ALM Fusion Event Services for running sound like a total pro, Cherie for singing ‘Rock you like a hurricane’ and all of our fans, friends and families that continue to support us and other local bands! Y’all rock!

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20180602_224735 Photo Jun 02, 11 43 33 PM