Addiction rocks Kelly’s 3 in Big Bend!

Milwaukee’s Addiction would like to thank all of our friends and fans that stuck with us at Kelly’s Bleachers Big Bend – KBBB after the Brewers game Saturday October 20th! Despite a final score that nobody wanted to see, the Brewers still had a great season and will be in the hunt next year again, I’m sure! Back at Kelly’s, we celebrated Tracy Johnson‘s birthday and brought out 2 more new songs too! Having a song library that’s approaching nearly 100 songs has its challenges, but my brothers and I really enjoy working on, and bringing to you, all the 80’s Rock that we remember so fondly! Due to the band starting after the game, I had a chance to to catch up with some of our hardest working fans last night too (Timothy David)! Our own ‘touring’ schedule actually allows for all of us to work full time jobs too! So we definitely know how it feels after a long work week, but the weekends are still for rock n roll, right?! Special thanks to Tracy and Bryan for partying with us on her special day! Tracy and her crew have been long time friends of the band and we love to have them join us on stage for some dancing now and again! Thanks again for all your support! Thanks also to TEC – The Entertainment CompanyAngelo and Kelly’s for hosting another great night of 80’s Rock! Next up, Paulie’s Pub on November 17 for another birthday party bash! Hope to see ya there!

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